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Passion. In a word, that’s why. I’m Thomas Baldrick. It’s like creativity is in my DNA. My brain is always working. But my heart and soul are in it, too.

I love to tell stories. I live to do it. One of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln, was a legendary storyteller. Yes, I can entertain you with plenty of my own stories. Better yet, I can entertain, educate, motivate, and help others connect with you by telling your stories. I love doing this in videos, on websites, in press releases, articles, television and radio commercials, and more.

IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE. While I wouldn’t recommend asking me to design and build your rocket…you can sure count on AZ Strong to promote, market, and advertise your rocket (your products, services, or messages) to the public. There is a science and art to this process. We’ll help people to see, hear, and understand the benefits of your rocket. We’ll also boldly go beyond that to help them feel the excitement of your rocket, and spark emotions around why they need to spend their money to have or experience your rocket.

A blank white board is frustrating and intimidating to most folks. While I can’t take a marker and write the formula for exceeding the earth’s atmosphere…you bet I can come up with a creative idea to meet or exceed your needs, as well as an effective action plan to transform the idea into your solution. To me, it’s exciting and inspirational. I’m always brainstorming and writing things down. Ideas come to me in the shower, while sleeping, driving, and on the treadmill. (I often can’t find my keys, wallet, or cellphone…but let’s not get into that right now. Okay?)

Why AZ Strong specifically? I had a strong idea for a company, a name, and a team of passionate, talented professionals to help me with it. The creative services we provide bring out the best in who you are, what you do, and what you’re hoping to achieve. For example, it could be effectively writing to brand your company, products and services as better than your competition. It could be developing internal projects and initiatives which inform, inspire, and motivate your employees. Or, it could be producing videos to better connect you with new and existing customers.

I’m a pleaser, too. I love people and making people happy. Developing great ideas, content, and lasting relationships makes you happy as a client. Getting results for youhelps the bottom line, image, and overall success of your business, mission, or agenda. Providing creative solutions which make a positive difference also helps you to feel better about WHO you are, WHAT you have a passion for doing, and WHY you put so much of your time and effort into doing it.

This part is NOT rocket science. Keep in mind: Strong Content and Storytelling in Marketing led you to our message. Do you think we can lead people to yours?

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Thomas Baldrick


Thomas Baldrick specializes in producing creative solutions. He has experience and expertise in traditional media, corporate marketing, and internet marketing.

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Thomas Baldrick

AZ Strong Team

AZ Strong provides high-quality services without the usual high overhead. A team of experienced professionals is ready to help you as needed.  Full Bio 

AZ Strong Team


You have good stories to tell. We help you discover them. We help you tell them. We do it in ways people see, hear, understand, and want to take action on them.

You have important messages. We help you deliver them. You have good things to sell. We help you sell them. We help you create and share genuine, but interesting and creative stories designed for those you want to reach.

Our storytelling could be done to improve visibility or conversion rates on your website, or for reaching your goals in traditional media and social media. We share your stories with the public in a variety of ways in order to get you results.

We help you create strategies for the kind of success you want. We think with a cost-effective mindset. Otherwise, what’s the point? What we don’t make or believe in are high-priced empty promises. We don’t have the time or interest in producing that kind of failure, drama or hassle for you or ourselves. There’s already way too much of that in marketing and advertising circles, don’t you think?

We help you by making realistic plans with realistic timelines and at realistic costs. We then put those plans into action.

At AZ STRONG, we do what we say we’re going to do…when we say we’re going to do it. This is kind of a lost art today. We think it’s a way to take you from hell to “Hell Yeah!”

From Corporate Communications messaging, to marketing and promoting products and services, and driving direct sales with customers…we do “Yes we can.” We do “Why not?” We do “Hey, Over Here!” We do “What do you think of this?” We do “Thank you,” and more.

We develop ideas. It doesn’t matter if they’re rooted in sales, marketing, promotion, or education. It doesn’t matter if they’re for posting on a website, in a YouTube video, a press release, or a live event. We tell stories for you in ways you which help people think of you, and feel good about you as their solution. We think you’ll feel pretty good about it, too.

Let’s explore WHAT good ideas and strategies we can come up with for your business, mission, or brand. WHAT we do is “care.” Call AZ STRONG now at (602) 535-2320.

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Voluntary Disclosure: Some client relationships pre-existed AZ Strong, LLC. They involved professional creative services done as Thomas Baldrick.                    To explore how you can benefit by becoming an AZ Strong Client, call (602) 535-2320.

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  • Lois Trench-Hines

    Co-Founder Oncology.TV, and Meniscus Ltd.

    You’re certainly a pro. You have a gift. I hope you’re willing to continue to work with us.


  • Marc Zumoff

    Play-by-Play Announcer, Philadelphia 76ers


    Rest easy, trust, and enjoy the experience of your project with Thomas Baldrick, simply the ultimate media professional.

  • Frederic J. Vagnini, MD

    New York Radio Talk Show Host, Author


    You are a marketing GENIUS. Thank you for being so generous Thomas.

  • Axel Schultze

    Founder, The Social Media Academy


    You sure have the right title…’Great Idea Guy.’

  • Robert-Lopez Cepero

    Former Executive Producer, Hispanics Today

    Over the years I’ve worked with Thomas Baldrick on various television projects. When he accepts a challenge, he delivers a final product which is creative, on-time, accurate, and most important of all…well-received.

  • Neil Greenberg

    Greenberg Communications

    Thomas Baldrick has been a treasure to our marketing efforts. I recommend you make him a necessary cog in any marketing machine you’re building.

  • Dan Harkins

    CEO, Harkins Theatres

    Thank you Thomas for your creative approach in telling the story of Harkins Theatres. We’ll cherish it for generations.

  • Mitch Carson

    Author & The Instant Celebrity Maker

    Thomas Baldrick personifies professionalism as defined in the dictionary. Look up the word “professional.” You’ll see his picture.


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Sign up for our email list. No annoying spam. Just good stuff. It can’t be lame with a name like ours.  Plus, you can win a free AZ STRONG prize, like a T-Shirt, water bottle, or other goodies.