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It sure makes for a whole lot of talking. In our world today, the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” has added significance because photography has added significance. We’re now more visual than ever before thanks to the popularity of smart phones and digital cameras.

Photography counts. The impact and benefits are immediate as well as lasting. Every photo opportunity is a moment in time which can last forever. Every moment can be shared or spread in an instant.

So, when it comes to a picture, “What is it you want to say and show? And, who can you trust to help you do it?”

AZ Strong does photography from A to Z including:

1. Business Photos
2. Corporate Events
3. Live Events
4. News Events
5. Website Photos

Almost all professional Arizona photographers have black cameras. Most everyday people do, too.

Thomas Baldrick uses a bright red camera. It’s all good.

Black cameras take great pictures…some better than others. There are countless factors which affect photo quality. They range from the camera manufacturer, to the lens, lighting, the skills and experience of the photographer, and more. Like it or not, the ever-present dynamic duo of luck and timing also often gets their fingerprints on photos.

Why use a red Pentax camera brighter than the S on the Superman ‘s chest? The answers may expose new possibilities for you or your business.

Arizona Photographer Thomas Baldrick’s Top 5 Reasons for Using a Bright Red Camera

1. Opposites attract. I chose a bright red camera simply because seemingly everyone uses black cameras. I knew people would notice mine. I also knew I would be judged for it. Still, I was willing to take the chance and let my photos say their thousands of words.

2. First impressions are lasting. Indeed they are. It’s good to start on a positive note. I have found there is a certain “Wow Factor” when most people see my camera.

3. It makes people see red. I’m not talking anger,  but rather excitement. I’ve noticed when I am shooting photos of people, the red camera intrigues and/or distracts them in a good way. People focus on the camera. They like it and express curiosity about it. The benefits I see are people more relaxed and less inclined to dwell on their insecurities or dislike of being photographed.

4. It says “professional. On many occasions upon seeing the camera, people have made comments such as “Well, he must know what he’s doing,” or “It’s not his first rodeo.” I’ve also discovered this usually translates into instant professional courtesy and cooperation. In public places it leads to being asked for advice, and having people follow me to try and take photos similar to mine.

5. A Bright Red Camera is Memorable. Life is a show. Enough said. J

Now think about you. Think about your products and services, your mission or goals. Do you want yourself and these things to blend into the background? Or, would you like all to be seen, appreciated, and ultimately valued on the merits of who you are and what you have to offer?

If you can picture a connection here and think we’d click for your photography needs, strike a pose and contact AZ Strong now. Call now (602) 535-2320.