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On-Air Talent

Hall of Famer Branch Rickey (who signed Jackie Robinson) said, “Baseball is a game of inches.” The sales and marketing game can be the same way.

In sales and marketing, a great pitch of a great product is like hitting a home run. Yet, inches away the final outcome can be quite different. A great sales pitch of a great product with the wrong On-Air/On-Camera pitch man (or woman) will likely result in a big swing and a miss. And as you know, big strikeouts in business are more costly. After all, when was the last time you were given 27 outs a day in the sales and marketing game?

Here’s the pitch: One call to AZ Strong solves your On-Air Talent problems.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to win.You choose which solution(s) you want.

1. Talent for Hire. Thomas Baldrick is a polished and professional, credible and convincing on-air/on-camera talent. (Pay no attention to the jokes he’s got a great face for radio, and a great voice for newspapers.) A multi-talented 7-Time Emmy Award winner, Thomas is experienced in live television, radio, commercials, corporate events, and internet marketing videos. He’s seasoned as an interviewer and direct pitch man, working with either a teleprompter or other scripted and ad-lib situations. (We can also recommend some female on-camera talent, too).

2. Talent Coaching. If you have someone on your team who needs to be ready for prime time with your project, Thomas Baldrick can provide 1 on 1 On-Air/On-Camera Talent coaching. Areas covered can include:

–  Improved On-Air Appearances (radio, podcasts, narration). 

–  Improved On-Camera Performances (direct pitching, interviewer, interviewee). 

–  Improved Live On Stage Performances (keynote speeches, corporate meetings, community appearances). 

–  Improved Powerpoint Presentations.

These talent coaching sessions are customized to play to a person’s strengths while minimizing a person’s challenged areas. The sessions can be recorded if desired. It’s important to note, they involve what we refer to as “The 3 P’s”:

–  They are Probing. To maximize a person’s strengths and performance it is wise to honestly assess their skills and learn what makes them tick.

–  They are considered Practice. This means the expectation is for a person to want to get better, not already be perfect. The goal is enhanced performance, and with it comes added confidence and satisfaction. 

–  These sessions are Private. This point is of the utmost importance to certain people already in leadership or other highly visible positions.   

3. Script to Screen Solutions. AZ Strong can help you from A to Z with your project. This includes perfecting the pitch, writing the script, producing and delivering the on-air or on-camera pitch, and completing the finished product in post-production.

Whatever you want, whatever you need, “Swing hard in case you hit it!” Contact AZ Strong now for your winning on-camera talent solutions. Call now (602) 535-2320.