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You don’t need to use dirty words. Writingon its own can be a dirty job. Right?

Chances are this might not come as a newsflash to you.Writing is important. You know this. It’s also probably true you know your job or your business or your industry very well. Thus, you know the needs of your clients or customers very well, too.

You bring unique knowledge, experience, and value to the table. The problem is all that doesn’t often transfer to your desk, computer screen, and keyboard when it comes to writing. You know this one too, don’t you?

When done well, writing can work well for you. It has tremendous power. It gets results. If you do get into a flow, the writing process can be very rewarding, even fun. To get there though, you must be able to tune out the noise in your life at the time. This means breaking free from challenges such as:

1. stress from your other work responsibilities
2. 0pressure of writing effectively and efficiently
3. time limitations and deadlines
4. personal matters (relationships, finances, health)

Hmmm…The tedious task is finding the right words in the right order with the right messaging when you know it’s important. Is it any wonder you might struggle with this when normal, everyday life is happening around you?

When done not so well, writing works against you and all you hoped to accomplish.Your words become a reflection of you and who and what you represent. You don’t get the results you wanted. You beat yourself up for thetime and effort you wasted. Plus, other things didn’t get done. You feel like you lost.

To add insult to injury, people don’t usually tell you when they notice poor grammar or spelling mistakes. They just judge you or laugh at you for it. They don’t dare tell you how yourwriting bored them, turned them off, or turned them away. They just delete, disconnect, or go elsewhere.

Knowing all this is true only adds to the frustration and even anxiety many people feel when they have to write.It’s more than a “block.” It’s a burden. Being stuck for words and ideas can feel like a “sentence,” a prison sentence. You want out of that situation. Period. Many times the answer is it’s your turn to go elsewhere, away from writing. You then make excuses.

Writing is necessary in so many areas in so many ways. You can’t deny it. So, perhaps the real question is, “Does writing have to be a necessary evil for you?” Nope.

Ask yourself, “Is writing right for me?” “Is the time and effort I put into writing the best use of my time and skills?” ”Is there anything else I could be doing to be more productive and possibly even more profitable?”

Write your ticket to freedom. Write your ticket to your long overdue writing solution. Let AZ Strong help. Writing has never felt so right. Call now (602) 535-2320.