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Have you heard? Audio marketing and audio production are not dead in Arizona. Things are just different. Today, audio is not the all-in-one solution it once was. Back in the day you put your message on the radio and it worked like a cash register. But people no longer huddle around the transistor for the latest news and hit songs. Still, audio-driven content in sales and marketing has power in getting the word out about who you are, and what products, services, and information you have to benefit others.

How You Can Use Audio as a Tool

Listen to some of the ways AZ Strong can help you use audio to brand your image and message, and connect with your audience. You’ll see getting heard can create a memorable presence (and $$ presents) for you.

Radio Advertising: The bad news is the reach of radio is way down from its golden years. The good news is now the cost of radio advertising is down, too. Plus, you can really target the audience for your messages. It’s now at the point where you might find it attractive and affordable to produce radio commercials for airing on select stations, networks, or websites such as Pandora.

Host Your Own Radio Show! You might consider outlets which let you host your own show (usually weekly). This could be both effective and cost-effective for lead generation, client schmoozing, and networking. C’mon admit it, having a little fun on the radio wouldn’t hurt either.

Podcasts: Creating programs or series in digital format for automatic downloading to computer or mobile devices. People control when, where, and how they listen to your podcasts. For instance, you could connect with listeners while their driving in their car using Bluetooth, walking on the treadmill at the gym, hiking Camelback Mountain, or hanging out at their favorite coffee shop.

Website Ads: Today commercials on websites can simply include a banner or graphic with targeted audio content behind it. This allows you the opportunity to talk of an immediate call to action with people clicking a hyperlink to take them exactly where you want them to go to buy or get more information.

Powerpoint Presentations: Recording audio for addition to powerpoint presentations is a great way to maximize the reach of these kinds of projects. They can be posted on your websites, file sharing sites, social media sites, and more.

Telephone Audio Marketing: Do you realize the moment someone calls you on the phone, you are either doing effective audio marketing…or you’re not? Quality audio messaging here gets noticed. It impresses all callers and even helps new ones to become customers. You make phone calls. You know professional sounding welcome messages, on-hold messages and advertisements, voicemail greetings do make a difference. When you’ve got someone’s ear, make the most of it.

Speaking of telephone calls, contact AZ Strong for help with all of your audio marketing production needs from creating messaging, writing scripts, recording voiceovers, and post-production editing. We can turn up the volume on how you’re hoping to get heard, and what you’re looking to get done. Call now (602) 535-2320.