Construction Training Videos

Some work at their jobs. And some really work. Take the Arizona Construction Industry for instance. These folks do hard work. AZ Strong works hard doing our part as a supporting vendor. We produce construction training videos for the leading corporate builders across Arizona.

The Arizona construction industry is built upon strong professional teams. They are a special breed. What they build, better be done right. It better be on time. It better be on budget. It better be done safely. Everything they build depends on it. And we depend on them. Just look around. Big new beautiful buildings are everywhere from Tempe to Tucson, and elsewhere.

To be successful, a construction company must be driven, detail-oriented, creative, and committed to excellence from planning through completion. They must be ready, willing, and able to get the job done for their client, and done right.

Construction Training Videos

AZ Strong views construction training videos the same way. Production must be done right. It must be done on time. It must be on budget. And it must be done safely. We have never had a safety issue on a construction site. Perhaps this explains why we identify so easily with construction. We approach video production with the same kind of pride and passion. We respect and work well with construction companies because of it.

AZ Strong has enjoyed serving as an Arizona construction video production resource. We have delivered solutions for some of the finest construction companies in Arizona. For instance, the outstanding professionals at McCarthy Building Companies, and Okland Construction.

Here are some of the Arizona construction video production services we can provide:


From idea creation to writing, interviewing, shooting, producing, narrating, and editing, AZ Strong is built to cover your Arizona construction projects from script to screen.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to put on hard hats, vests, work boots, and safety goggles to get in the field on active construction sites. We understand the importance of safety performance and know it is a top priority. We follow the rules and work well within them. It’s great to use our video production knowledge, experience, and equipment (along with people skills) to make a contribution to a brand new outcome.

In particular, we appreciate how doing construction in Arizona means dealing with the elements which can sometimes be challenging. It’s especially true when you consider working in the oppressive heat much of the year.

You can count on AZ Strong to be right out there with your crew on any construction site. Take it as a sign of proof that even some of those “creative types” aren’t afraid to get dirty and sweaty.

To contact AZ Strong to produce your Arizona construction video needs, call us at (602)535-2320 or email us to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Below are some samples of Arizona construction video projects we’ve done:


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St. Xavier University Gilbert Campus Opens

The X seems to stand for eXcellence. That’s if you’re looking new St. Xavier University Gilbert Campus. The beautiful 87,000 square-foot, four-story building was just completed by Okland Construction. The doors opened this week in Gilbert, Arizona.

This is a satellite campus of the Chicago-based University. It is also the Town of Gilbert’s first institute of higher education. Before you even get inside, you will see the Arizona office of Okland Construction made certain it was of the highest quality.

AZ Strong had the same mindset in our video production work at the St. Xavier University Gilbert Campus. We worked with Okland Construction to produce an in-depth series of maintenance training videos for internal use on campus. These videos got into the nuts and bolts of detailing how to do proper maintenance of the state of the art facility. There was a wide range of topics. It included videos on the audio/video technology, the air conditioning system, the fire safety and security systems, and more.

St. Xavier University Gilbert Campus Classes

The campus will offer both undergraduate and graduate business classes. Starting later this month, the undergraduate business courses will be the first available. An MBA program kicks off in October.
St. Xavier proudly features an outstanding online graduate nursing program. Last year, it was ranked No. 1 in the country by U.S. News and World Report. These popular nursing programs will be available at the Gilbert campus starting in fall 2016.

At the Grand Opening ceremony, SXU President Christine Wiseman said, “Together, in this wonderful mission of higher education, the town of Gilbert and St. Xavier University will produce an active learning environment in Gilbert and beyond… It is the stuff of dreams.”

Okland Construction works by the core ideology of being passionate about “creating remarkable experiences.” That’s exactly what it was like for our team to watch their team. They worked hard to bring this beautiful building to life right before our eyes. Even more impressive was seeing all of the work done at crunch time in the dead of the Arizona summer heat with temperatures topping 100 degrees.

In speaking of the relationship with the town of Gilbert, SXU President Wiseman said, “May our joint legacy span another 170 years.” Based on the way the construction was done, it’s a good bet the St. Xavier University Gilbert Campus building will still be standing.

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ASU Football and ASH 2014

It’s good to be home in Arizona. I’ve just returned from the 56th annual ASH conference. This year, the ASH 2014 event was set in San Francisco, CA. Unfortunately, my plans to go watch the Arizona State Sun Devils take on the Oregon Ducks in the PAC-12 Football Championship in nearby Santa Clara last weekend completely fell through (though it was all on the Devils and no fault of mine). But I digress.

Back to business. ASH is the acronym for American Society of Hematology. The five-day conference which was held at the Moscone Center downtown is the largest annual gathering for those who practice the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and research study of diseases related to the blood. Thousands of attendees come from across the United States and literally from around the world. (I’ve even met some from the University of Arizona, and the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale).

I was on hand at ASH 2014 to represent Oncology TV. It’s a leading online channel for educating oncology professionals. The site provides them with a platform for sharing clinical research news and information.

For years, my job at Oncology TV is serving as a host/interviewer. It’s work which provides me a front row seat to seeing behind the scenes of what is going on in oncology clinical research studies. In a challenging position for a mere civilian, I sit down for talks with many of the finest oncologists, hematologists, and clinical researchers in the world.  I’m simply the on-camera facilitator helping these brilliant, dedicated, and passionate men and women to effectively share their data and clinical findings with their industry peers.

For example, the photo at the top of this post is during an ASH 2014 interview with a real favorite of mine, Dr. Srdan Verstovsek, from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Serge, or Dr. V. as he often calls himself, is a shining example of medical care in its purest form. Every time I’m around him I can see, hear, and feel how much he cares about helping patients and their loved ones.


It was no surprise to me I walked away with a WOW effect from ASH 2014. The research projects being done, and those who are leading the way are easily impressive. Their proven successes and real, measurable progress are making for better patient outcomes every day. This ranges from earlier and more accurate diagnoses, to effective treatments and helping patients manage the effects of undergoing those treatments. It covers improving quality of life to extending survival and many points in between.

I can only imagine what kind of WOW effect ASH 2014 would give to someone who has a blood disease such as leukemia or myelofibrosis, or knows a loved one who does. It must be amazing to see and hear how some amazing minds are making amazing strides at understanding, treating, and ultimately beating some of these deadly medical conditions.

These developments sure make my not getting to see the ASU Sun Devils vie for the PAC-12 Football Title seem small, don’t they?

Embedded below is a video sample of one of my dozens of interviews at ASH 2014. Remember, as you watch the video…even if you don’t at all understand what is being explained, see if you can pick up on the hope cancer patients can have today and tomorrow.

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8 Great Tips for Video Production Virgins

How to Be a Successful Video Producer

This is a guide for how to do high quality video production. It is not about having sex on camera. The title is an example of how you can use a creative hook to grab attention for your video productions.

So, rock on and read on if you’re doing research. You’ll be rewarded for your effort. This comprehensive content will help you as a Video Production Virgin. You‘ll be ready to produce your first quality video creatively and effectively. (If you’re a novice or student who has done videos but wants to do better, come along. You’re in luck, too.)

Here’s an ironic twist. The goal of delivering 8 Great Tips for Video Production Virgins is actually quite the opposite of sex. Here’s why. I’m an Emmy Award-winning TV Reporter/Producer who turned to Internet Content Development to be the single parent I need to be. By sharing quality information and advice based on my professional experience and expertise, I’m hoping it will serve as “safe protection” for you from 2 common socially transmitted issues:

  1. Getting screwed by bad video production services.
  2. Feeling like you did it to yourself because you were lazy, cocky, or clueless.


Did You Know?…

There are nearly 5 Billion video views on YouTubeevery day!

As a Video Virgin, this one statistic shows you video is not a luxury. It’s now a necessity. If you’re not doing video, you’re behind the times, and your competition. 5 billion YouTube video views today, and at least 5 billion for all the tomorrows tells you all you need to know about the growing power and potential you’re now exploring.

Here’s more good news.

You’ll have this power in your hands when you produce and post quality videos.

Now here’s the bad news.

This power of video won’t work, or will actually work against you if you don’t use it properly.

So, because you’re a Video Virgin or novice, now is not the time to simply lay back and enjoy. Nope, not at all. Sit up. Get dressed if you must. Get focused. Engage. Learn. Take notes. Brainstorm. Bookmark this page. Or better yet, do all of the above. Let’s go.

8 Great Tips for Video Production Virgins

#8. Preparation in video production acts like a GPS. A “winging it” approach acts like a DUI.

Knowing what you want to accomplish in video production acts like a GPS. It takes you right where you want to go as a content producer. It also takes viewers right where you want them to go. Know what message you aim to deliver. Decide how to do it. Put well-spent time and effort into a script, or at least an outline or plan. If others are helping with your video production, make sure they are in on the plan.

Winging it is like driving under the influence. You’re taking an unnecessary, foolish, and costly risk. The good thing is with video you won’t injure or kill others. You’ll just bore them to death, or annoy and disappoint them by wasting their time. You’re the one who gets hurt. You’re the one who gets busted in public by producing lame videos.

Surely you’ve seen how people look and act when they’re under the influence. It’s not pretty. Do you want to be taken seriously with your videos? If so, you don’t want to come across like a fool who doesn’t know where you want to go or how to get there.

Think of video viewers like passengers. They won’t want to go anywhere you’re trying to take them unless they have confidence in you.


#7. This just in to the Newsroom. Rambling is NOT a Plan.

The top of your head is a great place for a hat. It is not a great launching pad for effective videos. As a professional on-camera talent, I can ad-lib well because of my experience, and because I prepare myself. Great ad-libbing doesn’t happen overnight. Video Production Virgins would be wise to prepare to create on-air success.

Remember the annoying line from your parents. Just because other people jump off a bridge doesn’t mean you should, too. Look out. Here it comes again.

Just because millions of other people ramble endlessly on YouTube or in other online videos doesn’t mean you should, too.

Viewers (especially potential customers) running for the exit is the last thing you want in video production. Less is more. It’s better to give viewers the right amount of content, or have them wanting more from you. Too long is too long. Your viewers exit, taking all possibilities with them. You’re a viewer, right? So, use your own experiences to guide you. If your video production feels too long it probably is.

Have a message. Have a point. Deliver them clearly and concisely. Know what to say and how to say it. This empowers others to see and hear you know what you’re talking about, and invest their time into you and your entire videos.

Now keep this in mind. One of the factors in YouTube ranking is the amount of time your videos are watched. If viewers are bailing early on your videos, the YouTube Ranking Gods may bail on your videos, too. Double whammy.

#6. Quality Content is King.

Yeah I know. There’s a lot of talking points here. I’ll take that chance delivering quality content I know will help you.

Give viewers value. Give them something they can use whether it’s guidance, direction, entertainment, or just a sense of who you are.

#5. Think in Pictures, not just Words.

Win over short attention spans and viewers wanting instant gratification. Think visually to be successful in video production. Is the background pleasing or distracting? Move the shot. Change the shot. Add footage, photos, and graphics when possible and appropriate. Keep viewers engaged by what they’re seeing, not just what you’re saying.

#4. Looks and Lighting Count.

You’re human. People judge you on how you look. Own it. Deal with it. I suggest honesty and a mirror as a great starter kit. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I wear makeup on camera. Any professional will tell you makeup makes a world of difference.

Viewers will notice if you look tired or bad. They won’t tell you. They will judge you. Look your best for the best results.

Lighting is important. In simple terms, always try to have the light balanced on your face. This means have your face to the sun, the lamps, or any light coming in from the window.

Having dominant light behind you makes you backlit and washed out. No style or beauty points here.


#3. Picture Your Audience in Video Production.

It’s not about you. Video production is about reaching your target audience. Give viewers what they want. Yes, you should tell your story. Have a purpose. However, try to deliver using ways your audience will want to receive it.

Identify your ideal audience person. What does she or he want to see and hear? Why would she or he be watching your video? Communicate directly to her or him for the best results.

#2. Editing Elevates Everything.

“Fix it in post.” This is a common saying and mindset among video production and television professionals. “Post” is short for post-production editing. Magic happens here. It’s where mistakes are covered or minimized. It’s where fresh new ideas are born. Editing is the quality kitchen where audio and video spices and finishing touches are added and mixed for serving to the public.

BONUS: If you plan on editing, you can plan for editing!

Your video productions can be easier. Rather than having to get everything right in one take, or make sacrifices in quality along the way, you can get things done in small chunks, one section at a time.

Editing elevates everything in video production from the quality of your work to your confidence doing it. Editing can raise satisfaction levels of viewers, and ultimately elevates your image and the rewards you receive.


#1. How and When to be Smarter than a Smart Phone.

I love my smart phone camera. You probably love yours. It can get the job done but not always as well as you’d like. “Selfies” work in certain situations. But if you’re on the way up, or your looking to impress high end clients, consider hiring video production professionals. This should make everything better, from the look to the lighting, audio, and even your performance.

If you value your image, and think others might, too, working with a reliable professional video production service is smarter than using a smart phone. Do multiple videos in a single session to be more effective with your time and money.

If you want to look professional in video production, it makes sense to work with talented, creative professionals. It’s like having an image and communications doctor on call.

Now it’s time for Lights! Camera! Action! Right? Wrong.

Prepare. Then turn on the lights, camera, and take action. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

By Thomas Baldrick

Thomas Baldrick is an Emmy Award-winning on-camera talent and producer/writer based in Arizona. From script to screen in video production services, he helps companies, organizations, and individuals across the country to achieve the success they and their target audience want.

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Down Memory Lane with Jacobson Elementary Kiddos

(Photo: Dr. Rosemarie Tipton at 9-11 Wall of Hope dedication. #Thomas Baldrick, Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker seated behind her).

Look out! I apologize. If you’re cruising down Memory Lane, I’m the guy who just went speeding by you…in reverse. There’s no one to blame, only plenty to credit thanks to the new Jacobson Elementary School traffic video we just produced at AZ STRONG.

Before getting to the present and future, I’ll quickly explain this relevant piece of my past. It’s hard to believe the 13th Anniversary of the September 11th tragedies is coming up. It’s hard to believe it’s also been more than a decade has flown by since my first book was published.

“Kids’ Rule! The Hopes and Dreams of 21st Century Children is now out of print. In my research for the book, I had over 10,000 kids across the country and around the world tell me what was most important to them. My job was to share it with readers.

Doing my first book was a long and winding labor of love. It was the cause of much laughter, and sadly some tears as little ones trusted with their hopes, dreams, and realities. I’ve never forgotten how enlightening the sacred journey of that book was for me. How could I?

Still, producing the new video about the traffic flow changes at Jacobson Elementary in Chandler, Arizona gave me the most powerful reminder I’ve had in years of this chapter of my life. I’m grateful.

Truth be told, I haven’t really allowed the memories of my work as an author and recognized “Champion for Children” to see the Arizona sun. My bad. The life choices I made including what led me to move to Arizona pretty much packed away much of my past. For years, I’ve had all of my heart, head, and hands full focusing on another sacred journey. This one centers around one amazing little boy, and doing my best day and night as his “Go To Guy.”

Videotaping dozens of Jacobson Elementary students on Friday brought my rear view mirror right in front of my face. They continued all weekend as I edited the video with their funny little lines and precious little personalities coming to life. From the kindergarten kiddos to the 6th grade rising stars, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to how much I enjoyed blending my professional television/video and writing skills with my genuine enjoyment of kids being who they are…where they are at that early stage in their development.

Speaking of driving, a few weeks ago I almost drove off the road when I caught myself telling my son, “Someday Daddy might write more books.” I don’t know if I will. I don’t know when either. In the meantime, maybe I’ll look to do more video work at AZ STRONG like the video about Jacobson Elementary School traffic flow changes.

What I do know for sure is this:

– I’m grateful I allowed the idea of doing the video to pop into my head and out of my mouth at a recent Jacobson Site Council meeting.

– I’m grateful for Principal Susan Powell, the staff, and many parents to trust me in working with their Kiddos.

– I’m grateful to all of the students for their time and effort in making the video a success.

– Finally, I’m grateful right now for honoring my feelings around use of the word, “Kiddos.”

The word always reminds me of the late, great Dr. Rosemarie Tipton.

She was the amazing woman and educator at Shanksville Elementary School. Rosemarie guided, nurtured, and passionately protected her “kiddos” every single day, including September 11, 2001. That’s the unforgettable day when heroes battled terrorists and crashed United Flight 93 in a rural Pennsylvania field just missing Shanksville Elementary School.

I miss you my dear friend. My work with the Jacobson Elementary School “Kiddos” has me thinking of you.

by Thomas Baldrick Google +

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